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Joint stock Company “Geosonda – Konsolidacija” that is experienced and specialized in geological, geotechnical and groundworks, has invested significant resources in the plants, equipment and training of employees in order to be able to realize large and complex projects.

We are qualified to perform demanding business operations in difficult working conditions and with limitations on the site.

The geological, geotechnical and injection works we perform are as follows:

  • Slope protection and repair,
  • Rehabilitation of different types of landslides,
  • Rehabilitation of construction pits,
  • Geotechnical works in tunnel construction,
  • Anchoring of the terrain on highways, railways and national roads,
  • Reinforcement of existing and new support structures,
  • Various types of consolidation, contact and chemical injection works,
  • Exploration drill holes of all types and purposes.

Protection and rehabilitation procedures are carried out in the following ways:

  • By protecting the slopes with galvanized steel nets,
  • By protecting the slopes with anchors, gabions and steel ropes,
  • By protecting the slopes with the current concrete,
  • By protecting the slopes by geotechnical anchors,
  • By protecting the slopes using geosynthetic materials,
  • By protecting the slopes through greening,
  • By protecting the landslide by making piles, drainage drill holes and anchoring,
  • By protecting the construction pits by performing micropiles, geotechnical anchors and “Jet grouting” diaphragms, by providing waterproofing effects and through works in dry conditions

Our company has achieved impressive results through active participation in the consolidation of the terrain by rehabilitation of highways, railways and state roads. The above mentioned works have been carried out using classic rehabilitation measures – by producing AB barbecue, retaining walls and drainages, as well as through specialized works on the production of the current concrete at high altitudes and of prestressed and inflexible geotechnical anchors (anchoring of retaining walls, diaphragms, piles, etc.).

Considering the injection works on the dams, we stand out with more than 2,500,000 meters of drill holes of various diameters and depths, with their injection (contact, bonding, sealing, consolidation and voltage), which makes our company one of the world’s top in this business. Injection work is being done with conventional injection masses, as well as with special materials such as epoxy and others.


A special activity that distinguishes our Company from the others, both in our country and in the region, is the performance of the jet injection or “Jet grouting” technology, which is relatively new and implies a constructive process in the performance using high kinetic energy of the fluid flask – injection mass in the process of breaking and attenuation of the soil and mixing with the binding material afterwards. By applying this technology, beside the strengthening, through changing their filtration properties the water impermeability of the original resources is achieved.

Using the aforementioned technology, we successfully perform various types of tests such as:

  • Jet grouting of the anchors,
  • Jet grouting of the piles of different diameters and lengths,
  • Jet grouting of the injection curtains,
  • Waterproof diaphragms,
  • Waterproof carpets of the construction pits, and
  • Reinforcement of the existing structures by additional jet injection.