Mandawa Dam

The Mandawa Dam is presently under construction for irrigation, hydropower production and drinking water supply,
in the Kurdistan Region (Northern Iraq) along the main course of the Greater Zab River, a major left tributary of the
Tigris River. The dam is a 65 m high embankment with gravel and sand sbeUs and a central silty core. It ex.tends
straight for about 1,000 m from the two extreme abutments and includes, on the left side, a concrete structure composed
of three blocks housing the main hydraulic su11ctures for the temporary diversion. the bottom outlets and the inlets of
the penstocks of the hydropower plant (Fig. 148.1). A very large spillway channel is located on the right side. separated
fro1n the datn. The subtended reservoir has a n1aximum storage capacity of about 5’20 million m3.
The foundations of the left concrete part of the dam body and of the spillway channel have required the design of large
excavations on both 1iver banks, resulting in cut multi-bench rock slopes even more than 80 m high.