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SHPP Ljuti Do outside 1

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SHPP Ljuti Do outside 2

Hydropower Plant “Ljuti dol” falls under category of small hydropower plants with average head/fall. This power plant draws water from catchment area of Bozicka River, Topodolska River and from streams of the same catchment area. SHPP „Ljuti dol“ is located on the theritory of two municipalities, Municipality of Bosilegrad and Municipality of Surdulica, in Southeast Serbia. The structure of SHPP Ljuti dol contains three intakes: Gložanska mahala, Bratin dol and Romanova mahala. This plant belongs to derivative type of hydropower plants. Planned installed capacity of SHPP “Ljuti dol” is 630 kW.
The construction of SHPP Ljuti dol is finished. For the purpose of functioning of the SHPP Ljuti dol, the Investor has provided the equipment of high quality workmanship and performances, manufactured by a reputable company with a long and successful business tradition around the world.